Archives: Apr 2018

Why Household Insurance is Important

If you’re a home owner, you may have wondered about the value of home insurance.   Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have. Homeowners insurance helps protect that investment — and you — in a variety of ways.   Having adequate insurance means that if something unforeseen were to happen, you…

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Why are more and more people buying into the “small house” trend?

Small houses are continuing to gain more and more popularity with home buyers, even selling faster than larger properties.   So why are these space savers such a hit? Less Maintenance Keeping up with a large home can become a lot of work, especially for younger or older families. A smaller house is easier to…

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3 Quick Fixes Around The House

When you move into your first home guess who the plumber is? You. Guess who the carpenter is? Also you. Soon after moving in you might find that there are things that you would like to either fix or change to your liking, so naturally you become the handy man/woman. We’ve a few of the…

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Don’t Feel The Burn When Things Get Heated This Winter

By now just about everyone knows that the rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) in South Africa has increased by 1%, making it 15%. There are efforts put in place by the government in an attempt to mitigate the effects it will have on South African consumers. One of the biggest expenses of a household…

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