Archives: Jul 2018

The tricks of budgeting for new homeowners

We’ve all heard it before, “It is never too early to start saving…” This is not only true, it can also be a lifesaver. Budgeting and saving can be particularly difficult for new homeowners. All these new expenses can come at you like a ton of bricks. With these simple tips, budgeting and saving could…

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Buying a holiday home – What to consider.

Despite South Africa’s current economic drop, the demand for holiday homes remains hot among investors. Unlike other types of investment properties available, there are a number of unique factors that should be considered when investing in a holiday home: Rental Income: Keeping a holiday home can be quite expensive and most investors choose to rent…

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Placing a bed in front of a window, the right way

Often, when redesigning a bedroom, you may feel that there is not enough wall to go around. We know that windows can be quite an inconvenience – you almost wish that you could move them as easily as you would a bed! This does not have to be the case – placing a bed against…

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Home insurance – Q & A

Being a home owner comes with some really big responsibilities. First of all, your home is your main responsibility; well, just as much as all the belongings in your home. As a responsible home owner, taking care of that should be a priority. Ensuring that you are correctly covered can save you a lot in…

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