Archives: Aug 2018

Reasons To Renovate Your Home In Spring

  Why you should consider renovating in Spring A new season often prompts us to make a few changes – whether those changes are for the purpose of self-development or for your beautiful home. Spring, in particular, generally makes us want to redo a whole list of things. We agree that renovating your home in…

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Mandates 101

A Mandate is an authority from a client to an estate agent, to render a particular estate agency service. It is a legal contract between the estate company and their client. This does not need to be in writing unless it is for a sole mandate, but, with that being said, it is always a…

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Tips for a dining area in your kitchen

It’s not always possible to have a space as big as you desire, but because you have us, you can always make it work. A kitchen with a dining area gives you a little more freedom to improvise. Here are some tips on adding a dining area to your kitchen without it looking forced. Turn…

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Step into the property world while you’re still young

Remember when you were a kid and you thought your life would be together by the age of 20? Lol. Yes, we all thought we’d have it together by now – a house with white picket fences and a garden that was always kept, but we were wrong. The truth is that in today’s day…

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