Archives: Sep 2018

Ignore “recession” talk and invest like a pro

Whilst there is much talk about the “technical” recession, the reality is that our economy is finally heading in the right direction and construction and real estate are two of the best performing sectors driving this reform. This, coupled with the real estate sector currently sitting in a “buyers” market, makes it the ideal time…

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Decorating on a budget

Everyone can have a beautiful home if they want one; even if you’re on a tighter budget, there’s still plenty you can do to create the stylish home of your dreams.   Step 1 – Keep your home clean and stay organized. This step sounds small, but it can really improve your home (and this…

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How to feel at home in your new house

There is much stress and excitement that comes with buying a new home. From the legal aspects to the furniture shopping – all of this brings an array of emotions. When you finally move into your new home, you want to make it feel like it is yours as soon as possible. We have some…

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Buyer’s remorse and how to avoid it.

Shopping for a new home is time consuming and it comes with a myriad of details which makes it an emotional experience. Some buyers get so caught up in the excitement of buying their new home that they overlook some important factors, thus making their home purchase an expensive process.   There are 3 general…

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