2019 Property Trends.

New Year, New Trends… Well, actually, it seems 2018’s trends will carry over smoothly into 2019.

We did some research, and these are the 6 key property related trends we think you should watch out for in 2019.






Ecologically friendly.

In South Africa, we are always looking to cut down costs wherever we can, so, where better to start than with saving on water and electricity?

In 2019 we can expect to see a lot more investments in houses with ecological aspects such as boreholes and rainwater tanks.

Estates and security.

Our safety and security will always be our priority, and it is an ever increasing concern, we can expect to see a trend of estate living in 2019, and yes, this will be mainly because of the security provided when moving into an estate. However, with estates heading into high demand, we can expect to see the price of living in an estate to continue to rise through 2019.


According to the FNB House Price Index, over 7.5% of property owners with their homes on the market are packing up and leaving SA. We expect this trend to continue through 2019; with all that said, people who immigrate often list their houses for a much lower price than it is worth, so we can also expect to see some great bargains hit the market.



Yes, people will be looking for ways to cut costs, and with the ever-high petrol prices, we can see many people will look to live closer to work and school as, by doing this, they will cut down on a lot of costs.

Digital takeover.

Many buyers and sellers throughout 2018 already set off the trend of buying and listing online, and we expect this trend to take off even more in 2019.

The digital shortcut lowers buyers and sellers to save time and money, and this factor’s importance will only increase in 2019.

It’s all about sharing.

In 2019 we will continue to see a “sharing” trend take over. This involves buying into guest house deals or putting money in with friends or partners to buy into the luxury property market.

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