Archives: Jan 2019

2019 Property Market = Really Interesting.

Only recently having come out of a technical rescission, 2019 is set to become a really interesting year for the South African property market. With our fuel prices being lowered, it seems as if we are on to a better start than the way in which we ended 2018. With many saying that property prices…

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Reasons to avoid and escape the rent trap

The rent trap is something people – Millennials and Generation Z, especially – are struggling with of late in South Africa. The rent trap can loosely be defined as the state of being bound, usually by circumstance, to constantly renting property. It is very simple to fall into the rent trap due to the convenience…

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2019 Property Trends.

New Year, New Trends… Well, actually, it seems 2018’s trends will carry over smoothly into 2019. We did some research, and these are the 6 key property related trends we think you should watch out for in 2019.           Ecologically friendly. In South Africa, we are always looking to cut down…

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