Archives: Mar 2019

To Tile Or To Carpet, That Is The Question.

Whether you are redesigning your home or designing a new home, choosing the flooring is certainly important. It has to be functional and has to have an aesthetic appeal and fit the design of all the individual rooms. So, here is why you should consider tiled floors over carpeted floors. Tiles First of all, tiles…

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All Year Round Lawn Care

No matter the effort you put into your flower beds and landscaping, your garden won’t look good if the grass is patchy and infested with weeds. Which type of grass should I use? • Kikuyu is the most popular for warm seasons followed by LM lawn, buffalo lawn and cynodont – these are best in…

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How to keep your pool blue in winter

People tend to forget about the upkeep of their pool during the colder months. It is understandable because winter is not exactly the time you want to find yourself in cold water with a chilled drink as the sun sets, you might want the total opposite. This neglect may, however, lead to a green pool….

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