3 Quick Fixes Around The House

When you move into your first home guess who the plumber is? You. Guess who the carpenter is? Also you. Soon after moving in you might find that there are things that you would like to either fix or change to your liking, so naturally you become the handy man/woman. We’ve a few of the issues that you might come across.

Squeaky door

It takes an entire Master’s degree in Calmology and four years of experience to put a child to sleep. After all that hard work, you try to close the door and World War III begins, screams everywhere. Happiness can be restored:

Locate the squeaky hinge then clean it. After cleaning it you apply some silicone lubricant (mostly sold at hardware stores) then put the hinge back in. If you do not have silicone lubricant you can use household items like olive oil, it will work just as well.

Leaking kitchen pipe

A leaking pipe under your kitchen sink can be quite embarrassing, it comes with mould and sometimes an unpleasant odour. If you don’t have a plumber on speed dial you can do it yourself. To avoid a messy situation, first turn the water off from the valve. Put a bucket beneath the pipe then unscrew the compression nuts. Replace the pipe (P- trap) with a new one then screw on the compression nuts. At this stage you can turn the water back on to test the pipe.

Clogged shower drain

There are a few ways to fix this, however we imagine that the most viable way would be with the use of household products. Measure about a cup of baking soda then pour it down the shower drain then let it settle for a few minutes. Measure a cup of vinegar then pour if down after the baking soda. Leave it for a few hours then pour boiling water down the drain.

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