The bed bugs shouldn’t bite, not this time

It’s been said many a time that health is wealth. The winter time is, in most cases, the time when people fall ill. Bugs are a common cause of some of these illnesses and you can start curbing this by making sure that your family is healthy by using these simple tips.

Keep allergens at bay

Some people react quite quickly to certain bugs and animals; therefore, it would be best to remove any trace of these animals and bugs. Invest in a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. This will trap dust mites as well as other allergens. Air conditioners create the perfect hub for allergens so changing the filters often can reduce the negative effects.

Regularly (once a week) change your bedding

Dirty fabric, especially bedding, creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria basically feed off what is on your bedding. When we are asleep, we tend to perspire, and this in turn can cause the growth of the bacteria in our beds. Dust mites are also very fond of linen that has not been washed, so if you want to keep them at bay, ensure that you change to clean bedding regularly. Besides getting rid of bugs, sleeping in fresh, soft sheets feels a little like paradise.

Make the inside of your home as fresh as the outdoors

Okay, maybe not as fresh as the outdoors, but it could be close enough. Besides making your home look pretty, plants have the ability to freshen the air. They lessen harmful emissions released by things like the products that you use to clean your home. These are emissions that might not even have a pungent odour, but they can be harmful. So, do your health and your home a favour by planting air filtering plants.

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