Buying-to-let is a great way to climb the property ladder

Buying-to-let can generate good long- and short-term returns and can be leveraged for continued expansion within the market. If managed correctly, this can be one of the most attractive investments and profitable opportunities out there.

If this is something that you would consider investing in, here are a few things to look forward to:

Long term investment and growth.

Although prices have fluctuated in recent years, property is still a safe long-term investment. You could easily make a healthy profit if managed correctly.

If you invest cleverly, you could see good returns within 5 years, and keep adding to your property portfolio.

Your tenant pays your bond.

After you get tenants to occupy your property, their rent covers your monthly bond and levy costs. One might have to subsidise payments for a few years until the rental income increases sufficiently and covers all your costs. The best part is, once your bond is paid off, it then becomes a consistent monthly income.

Early Retirement

Depending on the revenue you make on your buy-to-let investment, you can be closer to reaching financial freedom. You could retire earlier than you thought or build a home for your retirement.

Inflation works for you

Investing in a buy-to-let property could make for a good tax write off. As inflation prices rise, so will salaries, rentals and property values, but your bond debt freezes at the original rand amount. This means you are able to increase your rent, without it affecting your income.

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