How to design your baby’s nursery: The practical edition

An addition to the family comes with many responsibilities. This particular responsibility is coupled with a lot of excitement: designing the baby’s nursery. It’s all good and well that you’re ready to make it a state of the art nursery room, now here’s how it can be more practical:

Make sure the baby’s crib is appropriate

It’s important that you get a baby crib that can be used for as long as possible, not just the first year. There are baby cribs that can comfortably accommodate your little human for a good four years – this is an investment. It will be well worth your while to ensure that the crib is safe for the baby.

Choose the right colour paint

Different colours are pretty and all, however, they also affect your mood. This is important to take into consideration when choosing the paint for your room, especially since babies are so easily stimulated. A simple guide to choosing the correct paint is knowing whether the colour has an active, neutral or passive effect on people. Colours like orange and red induce enthusiasm and energy. Blue tends to bring feelings of calmness and is likely to make one feel a little chilly. Green is regarded as the easiest colour on the eye. Pastel and neutral colours are no doubt some of the most calming colours, therefore, will probably be your best option.

“Darkness is silence, solitude and peace.”

There is a reason why the most of us sleep better at night – the darkness aids for a more restful sleep because the human brain associates a dark space with rest. You can create “anytime night-time” for your little bundle of joy by getting dense curtains that you can draw to make the room dark as night at any point. This can also help when trying to get your baby into a certain sleeping pattern.

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