Don’t Feel The Burn When Things Get Heated This Winter

By now just about everyone knows that the rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) in South Africa has increased by 1%, making it 15%. There are efforts put in place by the government in an attempt to mitigate the effects it will have on South African consumers. One of the biggest expenses of a household is electricity. With winter fast approaching, here are some tips on how you can save on electricity:

Insulate your ceilings

Ceiling insulation is when a material is installed above your ceiling in order to form a barrier that will retain heat in your home. This barrier makes sure that at least 50 percent of the heat in your home is retained. Ceiling insulation is easiest if installed when you are building your house or upon renovation. However, it can still be installed after you have built your home.

Wash laundry with cold water

Your washing machine uses a lot of electricity when it has to heat up the water for a load. If most or every load will be washed using hot water, electricity is bound to be wasted. Washing your laundry with cold water will not only save you electricity but it will also protect your clothing from damage that is caused by extreme temperatures – hit two birds with one stone?

Use your stove efficiently

Whether it be a beef stew, or your family’s favourite soup – you’re probably going to cook some warm hearty meal to make winter feel even just a tad bearable. This sounds like just the thing to do until you think of your electricity bill. Three things you can do to avoid using too much electricity when cooking. One, ensure that the size of your pot fits the size of your stove plate. If your pot is too small, the excess heat goes to waste. Two, when chopping veggies that are to be cooked, make sure that they are cut into small pieces. This reduces the cooking time. And thirdly, avoid opening the lid of the pot too often. Opening the lid of the pot delays the cooking, wasting electricity.

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