Entertain your kids when there’s no electricity

The recent load shedding in South Africa has been nothing short of an inconvenience. With the winter approaching, it does not seem like it will get any better, so why not keep things from becoming even more unbearable? We have a few suggestions for the comments your kids are likely to make e.g. “There’s nothing to do now,” “We’re bored,” etc.

Haul out the board games
A common way to pass time amongst friends on any weekend is by playing board games. If adults enjoy board games so much, how much more so will kids who prefer pretty much anything but being bored? One of the best board games, we reckon, is 30 seconds. It is a general knowledge game and there is a version of it that is suitable for children called “Junior 30 Seconds”. This game is amazing during load shedding because it can last for hours without the kids getting bored.
Get active
When you are exhausted and there is no electricity, figuring out what to do becomes a no brainer, you just sleep. So, do activities that will tire your little ones out so they can voluntarily go to bed after a few hours. Twister is an excellent game that can be played indoors and requires just a few yoga move abilities.

Let them face their fears
If the load shedding happens while the sun is setting but it is not yet too dark, you can play hide and seek. Set a few rules for no go areas in order to maintain the safety of your little ones; come up with simple rewards and get playing!

Fire things up
If it is cold enough, light a fire in the fire place and sit around the fire place. This is the perfect time to get to bond with your kids. Tell them funny stories about your childhood and they will naturally have stories to tell you as well. Adding hot chocolate and marshmallows in this mix would be the “cherry on top,” provided you have a gas stove and access to hot water!

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