Awesome reasons why estate agents are key when selling your property.

Yes, we know that this is a topic we have discussed before, however, this is something we strongly believe in.

Many sellers believe that they will save a lot of money if they list their house privately, however, sellers often don’t understand how intense the process from start to finish is, often causing more stress than their “saving” is worth. There is more to selling a property than most people initially realise.

Realtors deal with sales every day, the process is what they live, so they are very well equipped to navigate this process.

Not convinced? Well, an agent can also potentially increase the initial profit. Where most loner-sellers avoid agents because they think they are saving profit for themselves, they might actually be stopping their sale from getting an even bigger profit. Real estate agents are constantly finding ways to get more out of their sale for their business but, most importantly, for their client.

In addition, studies show that if homes are correctly priced when listed, they will sell faster and for a better price than those listed at overinflated prices.

And if that still doesn’t change your mind, you need to know that realtors save time, and a lot of it.

Listing your property online may seem quick and easy but what about the heaps and heaps of paper work, time spent with potential buyers, home inspectors, and appraisers? Yes, it takes up a lot of time to find and interact with all of the above, whereas an agent already has all these contacts and knows how these operations work, so they navigate through it quickly and thoroughly.

To top it all off, an estate agent has negotiation skills like no other, they should be able to make deals in their sleep, they are such smooth talkers that sales always go so well.

Selling your own home can also be scary, and mistakes are easily made; an agent will lower the selling risks, and mistakes will not affect your big sale at all.

A property sale is one of the biggest sales you will ever make in your life, so why not let a professional do it?

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