How to host like a pro this winter

It’s in the nature of most South Africans to host small group of people in order to entertain or just to enjoy time with family. This can be particularly uncomfortable in winter. You can still be the host with the most this winter by taking these tips on keeping your patio warm when having some downtime outside.

Fire pits

These come both in portable version and a fire pit that can be permanently stationed. They also come in different sizes so you do not have to worry if you have a smaller outdoor entertainment area.


If a fire pit is not the best option for you, then you can get an outdoor chimenea. Chimeneas were originally used for cooking and baking, however, nowadays, they are widely used to heat up an area. They are often made of clay which makes them a more affordable option. If you do not prefer clay, they also come in cast iron, which is said by most to be more visually appealing.

Choose warm furniture

Materials like steel can be quite cold, therefore would be better suited for the summer months. Upholstered furniture provides more warmth.

Choose warm accessories

Accessories such as scatter cushions and throw blankets for couches come in different materials so the softer the material, the better. Throw blankets for couches are also a very good idea as they can be used for both décor for your patio and warmth for your guests. Warm colours like red and orange for your accessories will give your guests a warmer feeling.

Let your floor play dress-up

Get an outdoor rug for your patio floor. These are particularly useful if your patio floors are tiled. Outdoor rugs also come in various materials so you get to choose the cosiest. It would be ideal that your heat source be one with a covering over the flames of the fire as an open fire would not be the safest, especially with a rug nearby.

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