How to keep your pool blue in winter

People tend to forget about the upkeep of their pool during the colder months. It is understandable because winter is not exactly the time you want to find yourself in cold water with a chilled drink as the sun sets, you might want the total opposite. This neglect may, however, lead to a green pool. Avoid the load of work that comes with cleaning a green pool with these simple tips.

Keep an eye on the temperature
At the crux of winter, the water temperature drops significantly which makes it difficult for algae to spread. When the water temperature rises a little it creates the perfect condition for algae to thrive, which will leave your pool looking green. So, pay attention to the temperature of the water as an additional guide of when to add more chlorine. Chlorine lasts longer the lower the temperatures.

Clear the clutter
It is good practice to clean your pool on a daily basis even if you are not using it as regularly. Remove debris such as leaves and stones that might have landed in the pool from your garden. This prevents the build up debris.

Cover up
A pool cover not only creates a safer playing environment, but it also prevents debris from landing in your pool. This pool cover does need to be opened regularly in order to the oxygen out. If the oxygen is not released, it gives your pool the green colour that you might be attempting to avoid. One more thing to remember with the covering of a pool is to open it before the hot days hit, this way you will have less algae growing in your pool.

The gist of keeping your pool blue throughout the winter is to continue taking care of it on a regular basis. We all want to open to a new pool in time for summer, so, prepare accordingly for winter. 

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