How To Sell Your Home Fast, Faster Than Your Neighbors

Tips to Help Sell Your House Faster Than Your Neighbours


As a seller, there are 2 pressing issues that always linger in the back of your mind, these issues being:

1) “How much is my house worth?”

2) “How long will it take to sell my house?”

A house can sometimes take a long time to sell and in other instances, it can be fairly quick. There are various factors that influence the sale time of a house; these factors can be categorised into 4 categories:

  1. Location
  2. Price
  3. Condition
  4. Marketing

Today, we will be providing some tips for each factor for you to consider when selling your house, and hopefully get you the sale speedily.


Unfortunately, we cannot change the location of our homes (although that would be amazing!) – this is a major factor to take into consideration when selling your house and will impact the rate at which you will sell your house.

Houses in popular areas and streets tend to sell quicker than those in less sought-after areas and this is a factor that is out of our hands, unfortunately.


Setting the perfect selling price is critical. Pricing too low will result in you losing out on some well-deserved cash, whilst pricing too high will deter potential buyers and leave your house on the market for a prolonged period of time. Here are some tips to consider when dealing with the pricing aspect of your house:

  1. Do your homework. Thorough research into recent property sales in your area will give you insight into the general property values of the area.
  2. If you are going lone wolf with the sale of your property, try bringing in an official valuator to get a professional opinion and a reasonable pricing range
  3. Do not expect to sell at your asking price; although this does sometimes happen, it isn’t necessarily always going to happen, and you shouldn’t go in expecting it to. Any smart buyer will negotiate with you and, more often than not, in order to get the sale, you will have to accommodate these demands. Many sellers look to set an attractive price whilst still leaving breathing room for negotiations. This leaves you getting a price you feel is justified and also leaves the buyer feeling as if they scored a bit of a bargain.
  4. Consider hiring a real estate agent. Real estate agents, especially good ones, have your best interests at heart and with their real estate expertise, can take a lot of the guesswork out of selling your home. Real estate agents will help you set a fair and competitive selling price for your home, increasing your odds of a quick sale. Agents are familiar with all the paperwork and pitfalls involved in real estate transactions and can help ensure the process goes smoothly. Lastly, real estate agents are experienced negotiators ensuring you will get more money than you would have potentially selling your home by yourself.



First impressions matter, so prepare your home for the sale that you want! How, you ask? Well here are our tips on what to consider when it comes to the condition of your house and preparing it for sale.

  1. Update your landscaping. It is often said that buyers will emotionally attach to a property within the first few minutes of seeing a property. More often than not, a buyer’s first point of contact with a property is the garden. To make your garden look fresh and new again, make sure you take out any dead or damaged vegetation, plant a few brightly coloured flowers and ensure the hedges/bushes/trees are neatly trimmed and manicured to show you’ve taken care of the garden.
  2. Tend to the repairs. Whilst we are not expecting you to perform an extreme home makeover, fixing that leaking tap, replacing that cracked window and repairing that faulty outlet can make the world of difference. Not only do new and neat fittings make the house look a lot newer and well maintained, it also takes some negotiating power away from potential buyers. Buyers will always look to point out red flags in order to have an advantage in negotiations, and you can take this power away by reducing the number of red flags.
  3. De-clutter your home. Even though it seems to be a recurring theme in our blogs we cannot stress the importance of a de-cluttered, neat home when selling. Pack away all unnecessary and personal items, as ideally, you would like to create an environment where your buyers can envisage their own lifestyles.
  4. Consider staging your home. A staged home makes people want to stay longer. They somehow feel as though life would be less stressful by living there. From a buyer’s perspective, it is more difficult to visualise their furniture and accessories in a property that is loaded with other people’s stuff.


  1. Do not skimp on the photos! You have heard it a thousand times, a picture really does speak a thousand words, especially in the real estate game. Once you have cleaned up and de-cluttered, it is time to whip out the camera and take as many high-quality images as possible. Consider getting a photographer in as more and more people resort to online platforms when house shopping and having plenty of high-quality images can set your listing apart from the rest.
  2. Use as many platforms available to you as possible. Having as many eyes on your property as possible never hurts. The more people seeing it, the higher the chance of a sale, and more importantly the higher the chance for a quick sale.
  3. Consider hiring an agent. In case we have not made it abundantly clear, a real estate agent really makes the whole selling process a lot easier and way more efficient. An agent often has access to all the major property platforms and will be able to market your property much more effectively than yourself.

We hope these tips help you become the fastest seller in the west!

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