Ignore “recession” talk and invest like a pro

Whilst there is much talk about the “technical” recession, the reality is that our economy is finally heading in the right direction and construction and real estate are two of the best performing sectors driving this reform.

This, coupled with the real estate sector currently sitting in a “buyers” market, makes it the ideal time to invest in real estate. Very few people have done great things by following the trend and buying in a “buyer’s market” allows for great deals to be found and a stronger return on investment to be achieved. Prices are already climbing and if you are looking to invest, you don’t want to miss the wave.

Having said this, it does not, however, mean that it is a bad time to sell; on the contrary, if you are selling your primary residence, taking a knock on your current property could be subsidized by the money you save on your next property. As our National Brand Ambassador, Heather Voster, always says “What you lose on the swings, you make up on the roundabout.”

If it is an investment property that you are looking to offload, holding on for your price may end up costing you more money than taking a lower price and putting your money into an investment portfolio with one of our highly experienced investment experts from our sister company, *B-Sure Life & Invest*, which may end up realizing you a better return.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for and not having a REAL Estate specialist could end up costing you big.

Get in touch with one of our highly trained agents today to ensure that your money is working for you the way it should be.

Stephen Williams

Group CEO

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