Make your home office one to be envied

Working from home has become such a norm, so why not make it fun? One way to spark your motivation is to make your workspace look like one designed by the best. Here’s how:

  • Pick accessories that pop (e.g. metallics)

Everything that shines ain’t gonna be gold, yes, we agree. It could be silver or bronze as well – all the metallics that will give your home office the contemporary look that it needs. When coupled with the subtle furniture, metallic can be the genius touch to your furniture.

  • Keep the backdrop white (makes it easier to theme your workspace)

White is the new beige. Gone are the days when white wasn’t considered the go-to colour for trendsetting interior décor. Using a white backdrop for your home office makes it easier for you to theme your workspace. The theme can be one for the year or one for every season.

  • Seal the look with a statement chair

The one item that you will probably use the most in your home office is your chair, so you might as well let it make a statement. Statement chairs enhance the look of your office without moving an inch.

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