Placing a bed in front of a window, the right way

Often, when redesigning a bedroom, you may feel that there is not enough wall to go around. We know that windows can be quite an inconvenience – you almost wish that you could move them as easily as you would a bed! This does not have to be the case – placing a bed against a window can actually work quite well.

Make use of curtains to frame your bed

Use simple yet striking curtains that will be on either side of the bed, creating a frame. This will make the bed the main focus of the space near the window. If the window is not in the middle of the wall, then the curtains are a great way of creating the illusion of symmetry.

Place some books on the window sill

Using your window sill for storing your books or for minimalistic pot plants can be visually appealing if you have your bed against the window. It will make it look intentional rather than forced.

Choose an airy bed frame

The reason for not opting for a bed in front of a window could be the lack sunlight as a result of doing so. Going for an airy bed frame instead of a solid wood frame, for example, can help you avoid this. Your bed will still look good while letting sunlight into your bedroom.

Place the bed towards the centre

Instead of placing the bed right against the window, it could be a small distance away from it, bringing it closer to the centre of the room. This shifts the focus away from the window, which for some could mean it is easier on the eye.

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