Some popular interior design styles explained

The joy of interior decorating is that each part of the house can be themed differently, so your creative juices can flow endlessly. There is a whole list of design styles that could seem complicated and difficult to achieve. We have a simple explanation for each of these popular ones:



This design style is one of the most popular among interior design styles. It focuses greatly on functionality and creating space in the room, which would be ideal for smaller spaces. It gives the sense of a clean and sleek space.


Minimalist designs feature neutral colours, mostly. This design style was influenced by Japanese design and is defined by having only the necessary things in a room. One way to achieve this style is to have streamlined furnishings that do not scream “flamboyant”.


Transitional interior design style is usually what feels like the safer option for most people. A big part of the reason is that this style fuses modern and old so effortlessly.  It combines the warmth of vintage designs and the sleekness of modern designs.

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