Let’s get your home ready for a quick sale

Most of what makes a fast sale is when a buyer falls in love with the place.

So, as they say, “First impressions last”.

Painting your property or doing minor repairs, even some fresh flowers in the garden or around the house, will help.

Buyers aren’t looking for a house that they’ll have to spend months doing up; more often, they are looking for a house that is ready to be lived in.

If you do have a negative feature, don’t be scared to tell your agent about this, they are professional and will know exactly how to fix it or help dress the features up.

Another fast way to win over buyers is to give them all the information you have on the house, including things like floor plans and electrical certificates. When buyers feel like they already know the home, they will be more comfortable with the purchase.

All this information will help the agent be better prepared to handle any objections, and to emphasise the positive features of your home to prospective buyers.

When show day comes, buyers do not feel welcomed by the site of dead flowers or dirty paths, even smells can make your potential buyers uncomfortable with the purchase. As such, it’s your highest priority to keep your house spick and span for potential buyers.

As a seller, it can’t hurt to work through a few DIY’s to make your home more appealing.

From white washing your walls or furniture to getting creative with your tiles and garden, your home will seem more welcoming and warm.

When you have a great real estate agent, it becomes much easier, as the agent takes over all of the responsibility and is a seasoned professional at staging and shaping houses for sale.

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