Reasons you should consider living in an apartment

The South African property market tends to lean more towards the preference of living in a house instead of an apartment. While there are reasons for this, we would like to shed some light on choosing an apartment over a house.


Most apartments are smaller than the average house in an area, and for some, this might not be ideal. However, this also means less maintenance. The yard will require less up keep due to its size, therefore saving you money. Repainting an entire house versus repainting an apartment has a definite cost difference.

Convenient location

Due to the number of people that can live in a block of apartments, businesses tend to locate themselves in close proximity to them. This means that the convenience of a shorter commute is increased. Some apartments have shopping centres within the premises, which makes things even easier.


Safety is one of the major concerns for people either living alone or with a family in South Africa. With the safety that comes with 24-hour security, you could decide to leave for holiday without worrying too much about your place.

Sense of Community

The fact is, your neighbours are close and can either be annoying or great. When you are new to an area, it is always better to know a few people in that area in order to settle in as quickly as possible. It is true that no man is an island therefore knowing your neighbours could come in handy in the long run.

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