Saving on energy costs this winter

Winters can definitely become tough, but these money saving tips will spare you some moola to make the winter a little easier.

As winter hits us, we tend to use a lot more electricity, making our winter months a little more restricting – cash wise.

As South Africans, we KNOW the struggle of not having power at all, so we are able to be a little more cognisant of how we use energy. While we’re on the topic, THANK YOU, Eskom, for announcing that there will be no more load shedding this winter.

So here are a few of our tips and tricks (tested and verified) on how to save a little this winter.

  1. Never leave lights on in an empty room – This is Eskom’s golden rule.
  2. Dressing warmer will postpone having to switch on any heaters – saving you a lot of electricity.
  3. If you are switching on your heater, heat only the room you are using by making sure to close the windows and doors so you get the full use of the warmth.
  4. Electric blanket? Switch it on an hour before bed, and then switch it off when you climb in bed. But what’s more cost effective than an electric blanket? A hot water bottle!
  5. Switch off plugs and appliances by the plug when you are not using them (especially chargers).
  6. Use energy-efficient appliances for cooking.
  7. Boil only enough water in the kettle as boiling too much water means using more electricity and more electricity being wasted.
  8. Shower instead of bathing – Showers use less power and water. Keep it short and hot.
  9. Buy energy and water saving shower heads. They’re the way of the future.
  10. Replace all the old light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs.

Switch and save this winter. Think energy wise and you’ll have a little extra spending money this winter.

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