Security tips for your home

Don’t announce your absence

Social media is a lot of fun because it helps us keep connected with our friends, colleagues and family even with our busy lives. This also means that other people have access, even if not directly, to our lives. Minimise your risk and that of your home being jeopardised by not posting certain details of your life, including vacations as they happen. It’s safer to do so only after your return.

Place keys in unfamiliar places

Under the doormat, under the pot plant, a key holder close to the kitchen window – these are all very common and therefore predictable places to put your keys. Avoid making it easy for anyone who is not authorised to enter your home. Place keys in unfamiliar places or carry them on you, if you can.

Time is of the essence

The longer it is likely to take someone to break into a home, the less likely they are to go for your home as opposed to one that looks easier to intrude upon. Ensure a difficult entrance by making the protection of your home visible.

Sufficient lighting

Intruders often feel that they have a better chance at getting away if the home they are breaking into does not have sufficient lighting, both indoors and outdoors. This is part of the reason they choose to intrude at night. Add sufficient light sources around your home to lessen the chances of intruders breaking in.

Use motion sensor lighting for entrance areas

Motion sensor lighting is quite effective because it helps you become aware when there is movement in your yard. This helps when you are home, which buys you a bit of time to act accordingly. If an intruder notices that they are now more visible, it may also deter them.

Get to know your neighbours

This has happened less and less over the years; however, it is important. Your good neighbours will be the ones to alert you if they see something suspicious either in your home or in the neighbourhood. Whether it’s a strange car that lurks in the neighbourhood or odd visitors knocking on doors, your neighbours are most likely to be the first to be aware.

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