Why are more and more people buying into the “small house” trend?

Small houses are continuing to gain more and more popularity with home buyers, even selling faster than larger properties.


So why are these space savers such a hit?

  1. Less Maintenance

Keeping up with a large home can become a lot of work, especially for younger or older families.

A smaller house is easier to give a “homey” touch to as the indoor and outdoor maintenance is a lot less and easy to keep up with.


  1. Affordability.

In an unpredictable economy, where market prices are rocketing, buyers have had to revaluate what they can afford. Many buyers actually consider smaller homes a smart investment, and thoroughly believe in sacrificing space for cash.


  1. Trends

Popular design TV shows and articles that are often showing off small areas being made into beautiful and well-functioning spaces is what helps in contributing in the boosting of the tiny property demand right up to the same level as multimillion-rand properties. These TV shows and articles show buyers that you do not need to see your little space as “cramped” but rather as an endless amount of creative possibilities.


  1. Location over size.

Square footage is not a buyer’s main focus anymore, it’s all about location, location, location.

Buying a smaller home in a better looking neighbourhood will always beat buying a bigger home in an unpleasant neighbourhood.


Final thoughts – size is a thing of the past and your pocket is what really counts. Small houses seem to be taking over and this is a trend you don’t want to miss out on.


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