You’re a home-owner, time to take responsibility

Home maintenance can be tricky, hard and expensive.

This is something you as a home owner should be planning and budgeting for.


But, lucky for you, most home maintenance costs more in time than they do in money.

That’s only most though; some are a bit bigger and a little scarier, but don’t put them off as putting these off may just leave you with bigger, more expensive problems.


Here are a few tips and tricks for DIY home maintenance to do’s.


Check your roof regularly

Blocked pipes and down pipes are no fun; all these problems are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix, but if left unattended, can quickly evolve into a pricey situation.

Don’t forget about the plumbing

Just because most of it is out of sight in the ceiling void or walls, that does not mean it should be out of mind.

So take care of your dripping taps and little leaks as these small issues can one day turn into burst or broken pipes, leaving stains on your roof or walls, which become costly.

Take electricity seriously.

Having your whole electrical circuit checked out by a professional every few years can only be a good thing. If it turns out that there is a problem, having a professional pick it up before it gets too bad is the best possible thing you can wish for. Electrical problems can become really expensive if not seen to soon enough and most of the time, your home owner’s insurance can leave you with a hefty excess. But if you take precautions as suggestions, you’ll be a-okay!

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