Tips for a dining area in your kitchen

It’s not always possible to have a space as big as you desire, but because you have us, you can always make it work. A kitchen with a dining area gives you a little more freedom to improvise. Here are some tips on adding a dining area to your kitchen without it looking forced.

Turn your kitchen into an open plan

Walls are important and all, but some you can do without. In this case, it not only makes your space look bigger, it also creates a bit of space for a dining area.

Make it comfortable

Dining areas are usually quite comfortable and, considering that they are for sharing good meals with families, they really should be. A banquette-style dining area brings in that element of comfort and warmth.

Extend the countertop

The countertop can serve as both a table and a countertop. Usually, kitchens will have an island with no chairs; these can have extended countertops that are either foldable or static. Chairs can then be added in order to create a dining area.

Do away with the kitchen island

Kitchen islands are very common and very useful as well. They can, however, be “ditched” for a small dining table. This actually saves you all the space that you would have needed for a dining area in a dining room.

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