Tips for your garden

When you move into your new home you are more than likely to have a few things that you want to change, including your garden. One quick way of adding some spice (or herb) to your landscaping is with the use of ornamental grasses. We like them because:

  • They soften hard landscaping elements

Grasses can be placed with garden materials such as stone and paved areas in order to add a soft touch to your landscape.

  • They add colour

Plants in gardens are usually different shades of green, which is great. However ornamental grasses also come in red and white, which is awesome. These colours add personality to your garden.

  • They are low maintenance

Unlike most plants in your garden, ornamental grasses only need to be watered well in the first season after being planted. Once established, they do not require regular watering. There is also no need to cut them down before winter as this makes their appearance better.

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