Tips for Home Insurance for First Time Home Owners

Buying your first home would be considered to be #Goals by many. The feeling of excitement can also be coupled with the stress of choosing furniture, changing the little things that do not suit your taste and a whole bunch of other things that need your attention. The one thing that needs your absolute attention, though, is your home insurance – we have some quick tips regarding this.

Do the math

Ensure that you have considered all the relevant belongings when getting them insured. Value them as accurately as possible to avoid disappointments. This includes all electrical appliances, no matter how small.

Listen to the right people

The last thing you want is to get incorrect advice, then, at the time of claiming you run into issues. So, get professional advice. Advisors in the insurance industry are required by law to have studied and passed a string of exams in order to give you professional and sound advice regarding insuring your belongings. Most times, this advice can be given freely with an option for an obligation free quote thereafter, so you lose absolutely nothing.

P.S. We happen to know some cool people who know what’s what when it comes to home insurance, let them advise you (

Have your policy reviewed every year

This is when it becomes especially advantageous to have an insurance broker. They will assist in adding or subtracting items on your policy to ensure that you are accurately insured, this is above and beyond you contacting your insurer during the year to add certain items. It’s important that your policy is up to date because things change during the course of the year.

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