Turn Your Home Into An Eco-Friendly Powerhouse!

Following our previous blog about why going green is important, we have decided to help you and your family go green with these amazing tips. 😊

Using Less Electricity

We can’t exactly go without electricity, but we can lessen the usage by unplugging appliances and by turning off lights that are not being used and only turning them on when necessary. You can also ‘Green’ your lights! Get yourself some compact fluorescent lights, they use 66% less energy than conventional light bulbs which not only save energy, but they save your wallet, too.

Reduce & Reuse

Most stores sell their own reusable bags for your purchases, but if you are the artsy type, you can knit, sew or crotchet your own bags. When doing your grocery shopping, try buying products that come in as little packaging as possible and reuse the glass sauce or jam jars.

Veggie Gardens

Grow some herbs or plant a whole vegetable garden, this is a huge step in making your family greener. This will not only be more beneficial to your budget but your health, too.

Stop Buying New

Has your refrigerator stopped working? Try getting it fixed first, there might just be an easy way to get it fixed. Track down a used one or buy an energy efficient one. A lot of things are fine buying second hand. If it is something only used once in a blue moon like a lawnmower or tools, maybe look at starting a borrowing group with the neighbours and the costs can be shared evenly.

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple recycling and reusing can go a long way to help the environment. You only have to go as ‘green’ as you want. Some families might be up for cloth napkins and others might try cloth diapers and some might not be up for that change, it is really up to you. Think about why you want to become more eco-friendly, discuss it with your family members and decide on areas that you all want to focus on.

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