Ways to make your intimate space work for you

You just got the keys to your first home, yay! Do you know where you’re going to put all your stuff? Nay L. Don’t fret, we’re here to help you make your intimate space work like a mansion. Here are some tips:

  • Use corner space for angled desks and shelves

So often when deciding where what will go in our homes, we think of using corner spaces for décor, and not any form of storage. Well, it can actually be both. The new trend is floating corner shelves. They are stylish and they help you maximise your space. In addition to this, one can add a corner desk just below – try it, and you will thank us.

  • Get a bed with built in drawers

A sock, that sandal that you sort of forgot about and your long lost tank top – are these the type of items you find under your bed? What if we put it to you, that you could use this space for actual storage? Getting a bed with built-in drawers is one of the best ways to utilize your space.

  • Hang pans and utensils on the wall

Pots are now being designed in such a way that they are visually pleasing. They are not just instruments you use to cook, so why not let them be seen? You can hang your pots and utensils on the wall. This will help you use your space efficiently while adding to your kitchen décor.


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